Quail Farmer Shares Helpful Tips On How To Start A Quail Egg Business


A quail farmer shared how a visit to a friend’s house led him to start his quail egg business. Richard Martinez of R & R Quail Farm shared his humble beginnings, motivations, and tips on managing a quail farm.

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As a self-confessed “lakwatsero,” Richard’s strolls and travels led him to become a quail farmer. In an episode of Agripreneur on Youtube, he recalled that while at the home of an old friend, he had noticed a sizable bucket of “pugo,” or quail eggs.  Turns out, his friend’s family has a quail farm. This intrigued Richard, and his curiosity about quail farming grew.

He started building his own quail farm with 100 heads. “Madali lang to napaka-simple. Magpapakain ka lang, magpapa-inum ka. After mga 2 weeks, nagsimula ng mangitlog yung mga pugo,” Richard recalled.

His first customers were people from their household. Through word of mouth, many people started inquiring about his quail eggs. As he reached more customers, Richard continued to expand his farm. He now has over 2,000 quails.

Richard assures aspiring entrepreneurs that quail farming is a profitable business venture. He explained that there’s really high demand for quail eggs in the market. There are also many businesses that rely on quail eggs, so you’ll always have customers. Aside from the demand, managing a quail egg business is also easier. The transactions are often pre-ordered and customers are just going to pick them up.

While managing a quail egg business is easy, growing quail needs extra attention. Richard said it’s very important to conduct research into the proper nutrition of quails. If you don’t give your quail proper nutrition, you might end up with sickly quails and poor quality eggs that can affect your business.

Tips In Quail Farming

Richard shared some tips for those interested in getting into quail farming. He advised starting small until you learn the ropes of quail raising and the business. “Ang tip ko ay magsimula muna kayo sa maliit. Pag-aaralan mo yung papasukin mong business. Pagdating sa ganito, iba po ang hayop kaya dapat pet-friendly ka rin po.”

Next, understand the market for quail eggs in your community. “Kailangan makita mo rin ang market. Kung ilan ang market mo, ang kaya ng production mo. Magikot-ikot ka sa mga tindahan na pwede mong pagbagsakan ng itlog bago ka sumabak sa maramihan,” Richard said.

Lastly, be hands-on and committed to your business. “Kailangan na hands-on ka. Number talaga na hands-on ka, hindi mo pu-puwedeng ipaalaga sa iba yan. Kasi kung ipapa-alaga niyo sa iba yan, hindi niyo makikita ang kondisyon ng mga alaga mong pugo,” he said.

“At magkaroon ka ng dedication sa pag-aalaga sa kanila,” Richard added.

If you’re interested in being an agripreneur, there are so many options you can research. You can venture into goat farming, stingless bee farming, or even rabbit farming as a good livelihood business.

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