Pritzker, Bailey spar in first debate ahead of election


NORMAL, Ill. — Hot topics like crime, the economy and abortion rights all came up Thursday night during the first debate between Gov. Pritzker and GOP challenger Darren Bailey.

Throughout the hour-long debate, Pritzker and Bailey did not play nice.

“JB is an arrogant liar,” Bailey said. “This budget to him is a shell game.”

Pritzker fired back.

“Well over and over again, you’ve heard Darren Bailey lie for the last ten minutes,” Pritzker said.

One of the first topics was crime and the controversial SAFE-T Act — which ends cash bail at the beginning of next year.

Bailey said he would repeal the act and Pritzker tried to explain clarifications around it.

After hundreds of migrants have been bused from Texas to Chicago, both were asked how they would handle providing resources for them.

“We’re going to make sure they get shelter, that they get food and healthcare,” Pritzker said.

Bailey said that Pritzker should put the migrants in one of his “Hyatts on his own dime” and referenced securing the border.

The debate was moderated by WGN-TV News anchor Tahman Bradley and WCIA-TV News anchor Jennifer Roscoe.

The second debate will take place at WGN Studios on Oct. 18.

The election for Illinois Governor will take place on Nov. 8. Voters must register to vote by Oct. 11, by mail, and Oct. 23, online. To register to vote, please visit the Illinois Online Voter Registration website.

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