Police investigating multiple robberies that happened over two days


CHICAGO — Police are investing nearly 20 robberies committed over two days that appear connected to one crew. At least one person was shot by the suspects.

Police said all of these robberies happened pretty much the same way: Two to four suspects jump out of a stolen car with guns and take whatever they can and take off.

Early Monday morning, police investigate what appears the first of 12 victims attacked by a robbery crew. Chicago police said a man filling up at the station around 1 a.m. refused to give up his car and was shot a dozen times.

Jean Pierre Silva works at the station across the street in the 200 block of North Western Avenue.

“Everywhere. It’s happening everywhere,” he said.

That was the first of 12 robberies police say that happened Monday morning — all happening in the span of about two hours and some not far from the 18th district police station. Last Tuesday police said five more robberies occurred. In some cases, police say they victims were hit in the side of the head.

Police reported another robbery Tuesday morning in the  2400 block of South Wentworth Avenue that followed the same pattern. Police don’t have a good description of the suspects who wear ski masks and carry dark and silver semi-automatic handguns.

Police said the man who was shot Monday is in good condition at Stroger Hospital.

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