Perfect 2 Days In Miami Itinerary | 2022


Miami is a hot spot in the US for holiday goers, celebrities, and socialites. 

It’s a place of contrasts with yachts and upscale nightclubs on one side, but not too far from the city are the impressive everglades to explore. This city really does have it all and is a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines.

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Miami is sunny year-round, has some incredible beaches to enjoy, and has an impressive amount of street art and art galleries.

It’s the perfect vacation destination if you are interested in some art, culture, beaches, and buzzing nightlife!

In this Miami travel guide, we go through everything you need to see, eat and do so that you can plan an epic 2 days in Miami.

Without further ado, let’s start planning your trip to Miami.

Miami skyline, Florida ,USA

Day 1

Your first day in Miami will be about soaking up the atmosphere the city has to offer.

You will spend the day enjoying the incredible art scene and appreciating the amazing beaches Miami is famous for.


Let’s start your trip here the Miami way, at the beach!

Your first morning in this incredible city will be at South Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Miami.

Think white sandy beaches, colorful lifeguard huts, and outdoor gyms. Strolling around this area, you will see some incredible hotels and stunning scenery.

Take a walk along the paths of South Pointe Park in Miami beach and enjoy the sound of the ocean before it gets too hot. Here you can access the beach easily or walk along the pier, where there will be lots of early birds out exercising.

Art Deco, Miami, Florida ,USA

After soaking up the sounds of the Atlantic, you can head towards South Beach’s art deco district. You can walk along the beach to the art deco district in around 15 minutes.

Here you will be greeted by lots of brightly colored buildings, and it is the perfect backdrop for taking some pictures. This area is steeped in history with hundreds of buildings that have survived from the 1930s and 1940s.

It’s now time to chill and enjoy some coffee, and Lincoln Road Mall is the perfect place to do just that. You can walk here in less than 15 minutes or take a 5-minute cab if it’s too hot.

This street is full of shopping and dining options, and there are lots of cool artsy cafés


The afternoon brings us to arguably the most popular part of Miami these days. A former manufacturing district, Wynwood walls.

This area is free for the public to walk around and explore. Wynwood walls is now the thriving center of the Miami art scene and a must-do while you’re here.

In this area, you will find over 70 different galleries and also a handful of museums to enjoy.

Wynwood walls, Miami, Florida ,USA

Even if you don’t go into any of the galleries or museums, you will experience a huge amount of art outside in the form of murals covering the Wynwood walls.

Street artists and graffiti artists from all over the world have come here to don the walls with their creations over the past few years and the results are truly breathtaking. It is a sea of color and gives the area so much character!

Of all the things you can do in Miami, Wynwood’s walls are definitely not to be missed. You can easily spend a few hours taking in all it has to offer.


Your first evening in Miami will be spent at the unmissable Bayside Marketplace. This is a 2-story open-air marketplace with over 150 shops and a huge amount of restaurants to choose from.

You can explore the bayside market, which is situated overlooking the gorgeous Biscayne Bay waterfront in downtown Miami.

Bayside Marketplace, Miami, Florida ,USA

Here you will be treated to live street music, a great selection of places to have dinner, and a taste of the Miami luxury lifestyle with lots of bay cruises to choose from for some evening drinks.

It’s a great spot just to wander around and soak up the atmosphere even if you’re not shopping. There are often fireworks over the bay.

Day 2

On your second day in Miami, be prepared to be surrounded by nature, and exotic animals and soak up the sunshine.


You will be starting off day two with something that Florida is globally known for, the everglades.

Remember to book your trip online ahead of time and head off as early as possible before it gets too hot.

Just a short spin from Miami, you will be transported from the bustling city to 1.5 million acres of wetlands.

Airboat, Everglades, Florida ,USA

Here you can get an airboat tour around the incredible and diverse nature which is home to several exotic and endangered species.

During your tour, you will see alligators, crocodiles, turtles, and some friendly manatees. If you’re lucky, you might even spot the rare Florida panther.

This outdoor park can be visited all year round.


After a morning spent exploring the everglades, this afternoon will be a laid-back one consisting of relaxing walks and coffee breaks.

We will venture to the Coconut Grove area of Miami for the afternoon. This area overlooks the bay and has incredible views.

Coconut Grove is the perfect escape from the sometimes crowded city. It is a relaxing neighborhood with lots of chilled cafés to be found.

Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida ,USA

It has early bohemian influences, which give it a feel cool and calm vibe.

There are parks here to enjoy, including the Barnacle historic state park and Peacock park of Miami, where you can take an afternoon walk in the shaded areas.

The main attraction in this area is the Vizcaya museum and gardens. This is the former estate of businessman James Deering and is now open to the public to enjoy the architecture and landscape.


Your final evening in Miami will take you to Calle Ocho in Little Havana.

This is an incredibly vibrant and buzzing part of the city and is the center of Cuban life and culture in Miami.

This area is famous for its food, and you will have some great options when it comes to dining here. Some of the best options are Old Havana’s Cuban bar or Versailles restaurant.

Calle Ocho, Miami, Florida ,USA

During your time in Little Havana, you can enjoy the Calle Ocho walk of fame or marvel at a workshop on how traditional Cuban cigars are made.

While you are here, make sure you visit the Cuban memorial boulevard park.

Here you can see a memorial dedicated to those who fought for Cuban Independence and those who lost their lives in the process.



Are 2 Days In Miami Enough?

Thanks to how easy it is to get around the city, you can easily see Miami in two days. Public transport is excellent, although most attractions listed here can be easily reached on foot.

Just remember that this itinerary requires two full days in Miami.

If you have a late arrival or early departure time, you might need to add an extra night to fit everything in!

That said, if you wish to explore the area while you’re there, you might want to add a few extra days, and rent a car to make the most of your time there.

Where To Stay In Miami

Here are some of our favorite places to stay in New Miami, with ideas suitable for every budget.

Best Budget Accommodation

For somewhere great on a budget, we recommend the Viajero Miami. This is a great option as it is located right in the heart of South Beach, so it’s perfect for exploring.

The whole hostel has tropical decor and is located a very short walk from the beach. You are right in the center of the famous Art Deco District here.

This hostel offers both private and shared rooms with aircon and en-suites.

Best Mid-Range Accommodation

If you want somewhere more in a mid-range budget take a look at the Hampton Inn Hotel. This is a great option based in the Coconut Grove area of Miami.

Staying in this hotel, you will have easy access to the beaches and lots of restaurants close by. It is a great option for a chilled-out visit to Miami as it offers a pool for guests. 

Best Luxury Accommodation

Luxury accommodation is definitely not in short supply in Miami, our recommendation is the Arlo Wynwood.

This funky hotel is in the perfect location for art lovers wanting to soak up all the creative Wynwood area has to offer.

Arlo Wynwood has a chic rooftop pool and bar area and blends in with its surroundings as it has some truly breathtaking street art painted on the sides of the building.

Final Thoughts On Two Day In Miami

This itinerary for a weekend in Miami combines all that’s great about the city, giving you glimpses into the past and celebrating its modern culture too.

We hope that it has helped you plan your visit and that you enjoy every moment of your stay.

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