Owner ‘devastated’ after small dog stolen from parked car in River North


CHICAGO — The owner of a small dog says she is hoping for its safe return after the pet was stolen from her car Monday night in River North.

Mari Rodas told WGN News that she brought her toy poodle, Lolita, to pick up her daughters from work on the evening of Aug. 8.

While she was parked near Grand and LaSalle waiting, the pet owner said her windows were rolled down. Rodas said she was texting her daughters when she noticed something strange.

“I just saw like three, four guys on the other side of my car,” Rodas said. “I saw them move toward my car, the passenger and back window were rolled down. And then I never thought something could happen.”

Rodas said she was distracted for a few seconds, sending a text message. When she turned around, Lolita was gone.

“I was just devastated,” Rodas said. “I just drove around to find her and I couldn’t find her. Then finally, it was 1 o’clock in the morning and I went to fill out the police report and I couldn’t find out anything about her.”

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Lolita is 13 years old and microchipped. Anyone with information is asked to contact Chicago Police or Lost Dogs Illinois.

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