Overnight winter parking ban set to go into effect


CHICAGO — It’s that time of year again Chicago.

The City’s winter parking ban is set to go into effect Thursday morning at 3 a.m. — an annual tradition that happens every year on Dec. 1 — and the City’s Department of Streets and Sanitation wants locals to know about a few things ahead of time.

If you see this sign on the street where you parked, you will need to move your vehicle by 3 a.m. Thursday:

The purpose of the ordinance is to keep 107 miles of the city’s busiest streets clear and accessible when winter weather strikes.

The ordinance will remain in place from Dec. 1 to April 1, with violators set to be fined $150 and towed, with another $25 being tacked on each day the towed vehicle is stored.

“We have to be able to get that ice and that snow build up,” said Cole Stallard, commissioner for the Department of Streets and Sanitation. “We can’t have that on the main [roads]. We have to have those free and clear so people can get on busses.”

If you are one of those unlucky people who wake up Thursday morning to your car having been towed, you can visit or call 311 to find your vehicle.

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