Overnight burglars hit 4 stores at Far Northwest Side strip mall


CHICAGO — Police are investigating a series of overnight burglaries at a strip mall on the Far Northwest Side.

According to police, the thefts occurred around 3 a.m. in the 5300 block of North Cumberland. Surveillance video shows two dark-colored sedans reversing into parking spots. Four offenders exit the vehicle, all wearing black, with one donning white tennis shoes. 

Business owners believe the offenders used a brick to smash the doors of the Plush Pup Kabobs restaurant, Cabana Lounge, China Kitchen and Skills Barbershop.

The cars they were in, police say, had no plates. 

Surveillance video shows the thieves enter two businesses, then walk through the parking lot to the two others. 

CJ Alawawdeh, the owner of Skills Barbershop, says they were in and out within five minutes, taking cash and other electronics. Early Thursday morning, remnants of the damage remained, as broken glass was visible on the ground.

Alawawdeh says it’s a huge loss. 

“It hits because it’s not easy losing $25,000-$30,000 overnight,” said Skills Barbershop owner CJ Alawawdeh. “We lost a lot of machines. We are barbers. Everyone lost cash. We lost cash and machines. They destroyed more than they took. The walls they pulled the PlayStation off.”

Alawawdeh says the officer he spoke with told him they believe the crew broke into at least three other businesses on Northwest Highway, adding that authorities have tried to nab the group for nearly a year.

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