Old Tricycle Driver Sets Up Mini “Sari-Sari” Store in Vehicle, Earns Admiration


An old tricycle driver is making waves on social media after he set up a mini “sari-sari” inside the vehicle.

Netizens were impressed at how he was able to find a way to earn some additional income while driving his tricycle – and also help his customers have some snacks along the way or to bring to their destination.

Old Tricycle Driver has Sari-Sari Store in Vehicle

Have you ever noticed how there are so many people who would say that they did bad things because life is harsh and they’re poor?

Well, that’s really just an excuse.

There are still so many people out there who are also experiencing difficulties, yet they are able to find a way to make their situation better – without resorting to doing bad things.

Photo credit: Viral News

Take for instance this old tricycle driver who found a way to earn additional income while he’s driving.

This clever driver used the space in front of the tricycle’s passenger side as a mini sari-sari store. It’s actually quite impressive.

Kaya wag nyong sasabihin na walang paraan. Dahil kahit gaano kahirap ang buhay, basta’t may adhikain tayong magsikap sa araw-araw, makakaraos din tayo,” netizen Allana Abbiegail captioned the photo she shared on Facebook.

[Kuha sa loob ng isang tricycle na may lamang paninda sa Binangonan, Rizal]

old tricycle driver
Photo credit: Allana Abbiegail

The old tricycle driver was later identified as Tatay Crisostomo.

It turned out that the front section of the passenger seat wasn’t the only spot that Tatay Crisostomo uses for selling food. Aside from the chips, chocolate and biscuits at the front section, he also has a cooler with various items, including softdrinks and mineral water, set up at the back of the motorcycle’s pillion seat.

Photo credit: Viral News
old tricycle driver
Photo credit: Viral News

We’re quite impressed by the setup. Good luck, Tatay Crisostomo!

How Much Capital Do You Need for a Sari-Sari Store?

You can open a mini sari-sari store for Php50,000, but you can also start a sari-sari store with a small capital.

Some entrepreneurs have even begun theirs for a few thousands of pesos, but simply tried to roll the capital and grow their business. Others found help from Growsari.

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