OFW For 33 Years Comes Home To Be A Farmer, Proves Agribusiness Is A Sustainable Livelihood Option


Many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are worried about their livelihood once they return home. A former Jeddah-based OFW shows that you can choose to return and still live a comfortable life as a farmer.

Image by D’ Constantinos Farm via Facebook

Engr. Rany P. Constantino worked as a marketing consultant for a private company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for 33 years. Now, he is the owner and president of D’ Constantinos Farm Corporation in Cavite. In an earlier vlog on Becoming Filipino via Facebook, Engr. Rany explained his decision to return to the Philippines. He said he wants to build a farm to provide job opportunities to many of his ‘kababayans.’

“For a simple reason, I want the agricultural program here in the Philippines to allow our Filipinos to have equal job opportunities with others,” he said.

In the vlog, Engr. Rany was asked about the misconception that “a farmer” is a lowly profession. He defended the farmers by saying that they are now using modern technology to upgrade farming. “No, that is the reason why I built this farm, to have a different outlook on the farmers, especially in the goat farming industry,” he said.

According to Engr. Rany, he has been advocating a “reintegrating program” that prepares OFWs to settle in the Philippines by helping them invest their money in lucrative agriculture businesses.

In a report from the Manila Bulletin, Engr. Rany also explained how his farm seeks to support OFWs and other aspirant farmers and cultivate a strong sense of community among them. Built in 2018, D’ Constantinos Farm is an integrated and diversified farm that has been accredited by the Department of Agriculture–Agricultural Training Institute (DA-ATI). In 2022, the farm has been accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to offer a program in Animal Production (Ruminants) NC II.

Image by D’ Constantinos Farm via Facebook

Following his goal of providing sustainable livelihood, Engr. Rany’s farm raises goats, free-range chickens, rabbits, and cattle using cost-effective and efficient farming methods. He also hires local people from their community, stranded OFWs, and neighbors to keep the farm running.

“Ipinangako ko ko sa aking sarili na ako’y babalik ng Pilipinas at babalikan ko and isang agrikultura na nagbibigay kabuhayan sa aking mga kababayan,” he said.

Farming is a good business option if you’re an OFW with a big budget. If you’re interested, you can start by finding inspiration from the success stories of a quail farmer, and a duck farmer from Bohol. You can also read tips about free-range chicken farms, and many others.

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