Nomics Adds Order Book & Trade Data for All Exchange Markets

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Order Books & Trade Data – featured image

We’ve added order book depth charts and trade history for every market on every exchange listed on Nomics. That’s ~180,000 markets listed on 440 crypto exchanges. 

It’s also an industry first. We are the first cryptocurrency data aggregator to provide this information, and it’s completely free of charge via charts and CSV files. 

How to Get Order Book & Trade Data

Visit an exchange – we’ll go with Coinbase – click on Markets, then select “View chart” for any trading pair. Let’s try BTC/USD.

If you’re following along, you’ll be taken to our Coinbase BTC/USD page, which starts with a historical price chart. 

Scroll down to the next card, Order Book:

Order Book Charts on

Order Book Charts

Order book charts have two sides. On the left – in green – are the bids or buy orders. These are the prices at which traders are willing to buy. On the right – in red – are the asks or sell orders.

Mouse along the chart and you’ll find tooltips displaying

  • The price level
  • The amount of cryptocurrency that traders are willing to move at that level
  • A running total of the crypto on that side of the book
Order Book Tooltip

Prices are in the market’s quote currency. This is the second value in the pair, e.g. BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, etc.

Tabular Order Book Data

We all learn differently, so we placed a table beneath the order book chart that lists the same info in rows and columns: bids, asks, quantities at each price level, and totals. 

Between bids and asks is the midpoint, where the highest bid meets the lowest ask.

Individual Trade History

The next card is a table of the latest trades. Each row contains a trade’s time – in your time zone – amount, and execution price.

Individual Trade History

Free Order Book & Trade Data by CSV

All data is free to download by clicking the yellow “Order Book CSV” and “Trades CSV” buttons located in the top right corner of each section. 

Download Trade Data by CSV

While the page shows the last 20 trades, the .csv includes the last 1,000.

Simple Supply & Demand

The market may be sideways, but there are plenty of opportunities for smart traders who understand supply and demand. We’re proud to provide tools that help our community choose the right prices for their orders.

And we’re thrilled to be the first crypto data aggregator to offer these insights – free of charge – not just on our website, but in .csv format as well.

Onwards and Upwards,

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