New green spaces built on South Side to mark Juneteenth


On a weekend when the nation celebrates the resilience of the African-American spirit, volunteers carried out a vision to commemorate Juneteenth.

In West Woodlawn, volunteers worked to create new green spaces in the Mamie Till-Mobley Forgiveness Garden. “Blacks in Green,” an environmental justice and economic development group, threw a planting party near 64th and S. Saint Lawrence on Saturday. The effort was part of the organization’s Sustainable Square Mile Project which promotes greener living by recreating walk-to-work, walk-to-shop, and walk-to-play communities.

‘If you look in the last words of community, you see unity, so that’s what we’re creating here, a community of unity and that’s what brings me joy,” said volunteer Reshorna Fitzpatrick.

The garden is steps from the former home of Till-Mobley and son Emmett Till, whose 1955 murder provided a catalyst for the civil rights movement.

Eight hundred new plants will provide improved rainwater management and a place to be at peace.

“I came here this morning, not feeling my best, but as I walked into this space, oh my god, I began to feel so much better because of the life this generates,” Fitzpatrick said.

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