Neri Naig Buys A Failing Salon To Save Employees From Losing Their Jobs


Neri Naig-Miranda is on to her newest business venture. This time, she’s going the hairdressing route as she’s now the owner of ExtraordiNeri Salon.

Image by Neri Naig via Facebook

It must be fate that Neri would own the salon she used to go to! Truly, a “wais na misis,” Neri shared how she was able to become a salon owner. On Facebook, she recalled how being a salon owner wasn’t really part of her plan, but maybe luck was really on her side. “Yung bigla kang nagkaroon ng salon,” she wrote.

According to Neri, she was having her hair done at the salon while having chit-chat with the staff. During the conversation, the staff appealed to her to buy the salon so they wouldn’t lose their jobs.

Neri wrote, “Nagpapasalon lang ako last December at kinausap ako ng staff na mawawalan na raw sila ng trabaho kasi magsasara na ang salon na ‘to. Baka kung pwede raw ako nang sumalo ng salon para di sila mawalan ng work.”

Image by Neri Naig via Facebook

Like the “wais” businessman that she is, Neri tried negotiating for the price. Finally, they were able to close the deal. She added, “Ayun, nag-haggle talaga ako at nagkasundo sa deal na kaya ko lang ilabas. Kaya ayan may ExtraordiNeri Salon na ako!”

The salon is currently located in Serin Ayala Mall Tagaytay, but they’re looking to expand and add more branches soon. They are even considering franchising it to those who want to own a salon.

And it looks like Neri’s good intentions paid off! According to her husband, Chito Miranda, Neri’s salon has many customers. Like the supportive husband that he is, Chito hopes that his wife’s business ventures would have more patrons. He said in a post in Facebook, “Dumaan ako para silipin, at nagulat ako kasi ang dami agad customers at ang ganda ganda ng lugar. Sana dahil sa post ko na’to, mas dumami pa lalo yung customers nila.”

Neri has become an inspiration to many “wais” entrepreneurs. Among the many business lessons she shared to aspiring businessmen is to keep on learning and be brave enough to take the first step.

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