Neri Miranda Shares Success Story As A Dermacare Franchisee


Neri Naig- Miranda has been one of the most influential celebrity-entrepreneurs who has appealed to the tastes of many “wais na misis” and aspiring entrepreneurs. Many people have found inspiration in her journey from an actress to a small business owner to a successful entrepreneur running multiple businesses. This time, we’ll get to know her story about how she discovered a great business opportunity as a Dermacare franchisee.

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Neri admitted that when she started shying away from showbiz, she wanted to be a housewife and a mother. She was able to achieve that dream when she married Chito Miranda in 2014 and welcomed their first baby, Miguel Alfonso, two years later. But Neri soon realized that she wanted to go beyond the walls of her home and find her own place as a businesswoman.

Those who stood by Neri knew how she started from the bottom to reach the top. She would sell bedsheets, pajamas, accessories, gourmet tuyo, and other products. Soon, she got into bigger ventures such as rentals, Airbnb, restaurants, weddings, and more. Many would think she had the “Golden Touch” in business because they would all turn successful. But Neri’s husband would attest that it was his wife’s determination, hard work, and a good eye for business that did all the trick.

Image by Neri Miranda via Facebook

One of the best business decisions Neri made was when she agreed to become Dermacare’s Brand Ambassador. The “wais” entrepreneur admitted that she chose to represent Dermacare because of its great business opportunity. She soon became a franchisee of Dermacare and started earning more than she expected.

Neri explained, “Para sa akin, pare-pareho lang naman din ang machines at services. Pero yung pwede kang mag earn, syempre dun ako! I really like this kind of business kasi konti lang staff mo, pure services lang. Hindi siya ganun matrabaho. Nagulat nga ako even nung pandemic, kumikita pa ako. Kaya until now, open pa rin ang branches namin at madadagdagan pa nga! Ganun kaganda yung sales sa Dermacare.”

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Neri said she understands that everyone wants to look good, but not everyone can afford it. That’s why she finds Dermacare close to her heart. She said, “Sobrang nagandahan talaga ako sa business na to. Tapos kinukwento ko sa partner ko sa Cebu na maganda yung business, saka syempre ang mga girls, mahilig magpaganda! Pero kulang sa budget kaya tamang tama talaga ang services na binibigay ni Dermacare, mura lang magpaganda! At ang dami pang packages na mas makakamura tayo.”

Due to the increase in customers, Neri currently operates two successful Dermacare branches. She’s also set to open a third Dermacare branch at SM Seaside Cebu. According to Neri, her Dermacare branches have been a stable and lucrative business venture for her. She admitted that she’s making more income than she had anticipated and is sincerely happy that she seized the chance.

Neri expressed her confidence that the Dermacare Full Franchise Package is a great business opportunity for many aspiring entrepreneurs. She also advised entrepreneurs to keep a close eye on their businesses and take all decisions to heart.

Image by Neri Miranda via Facebook

She said, “Maganda ang services na business. Maganda ang negosyo na magkaroon ka ng sariling Dermacare Branch. Hindi ka magsisisi as long as ikaw mismo ang tumutok sa negosyo at malapit sayo ang branch mo kase syempre kahit anong ganda ng negosyo mo kung di mo naman tututukan, malulugi rin.”

The story of Neri will serve as a reminder of how crucial it is for us to seize every opportunity that may come our way and see if we can use it to our business advantage.

Image by Neri Miranda via Facebook
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