National Fry Day: See the most sought after fries by state, according to Google


(NEXSTAR) – It’s that time year again, a guilt-free excuse to enjoy salty, crispy deliciousness, all in the name of National French Fry Day.

In honor of the annual July 13 celebration, restaurants like McDonald’s and Wendy’s are even giving away fries. It’s worth remembering, however, that fries, like so many culinary staples in the U.S., often have their own unique, regional style.

The team at Google Trends looked at the most searched types of fries in 2022 and found that there were indeed differences by state.

By far, sweet potato fries were the most searched this year, followed by carne asada fries and home fries.

Carne asada fries were most searched in western states of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California, while home fries dominated in West Virginia and a handful of northeastern states.

Steak fries dominated search in just two states, South Dakota and Arkansas. Truffle fries were tops in Florida and Mississippi.

(Credit: Google Trends)

When it comes to the sheer number of searches for “fries,” Nevada led all others, according to the team at Google, followed by Utah and Rhode Island.

There also seems to be increased interest in making one’s own French fries, as searches for “how to cut potatoes into fries” doubled in the past year.

And if you’re surprised at the popularity of sweet potato fries, you may want to brace yourself for the dipping sauces people have apparently been researching to pair with them: maple dipping sauce, aioli, marshmallow dip, sour cream and cinnamon dip, respectively.

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