Naperville considering banning sale of assault-style rifles


NAPERVILLE, Ill. — In a vote Tuesday night, the Naperville City Council will consider banning the sale of assault-style weapons.

The original ordinance was introduced last month, but council members will be voting on an updated version after hearing from business owners.

The new ordinance would ban the sale of high-powered assault-style rifles with some exceptions on who could buy them. Council members added an exemption in the ban for police and military.

High-capacity magazines for handguns would still be allowed.

Over 100 Naperville residents are scheduled to speak Tuesday night in the meeting.

Violations of the ordinance could face a $1,000 fine and a $2,500 fine for any subsequent violations. It would take affect on Jan. 1 if passed.

On Monday night, the Highland Park City Council passed a resolution calling on federal and state bans on assault-style weapons.

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