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The goosebumps you get while watching your favourite sport, be it in a stadium or at home cannot be compared to anything. The excitement, the cheer and the vibe take the game to another level. The cherry on the cake is the sport anthem which keeps the momentum high. The song not only remains in your head through the event but stays with you for years. These anthems clearly define passion, love, and excitement for the event.

‘Hayya Hayya’ marks first single from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 soundtrack

Let’s look at some of the most energetic sports anthems we have come across all these years:

Hayya Hayya

The song symbolises how music and football can unite the world, by bringing the voices together from different countries i.e., America, Africa, and the Middle East. Sung by Davido, Trinidad Cardona, AISHA, the song was unveiled as an official soundtrack of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Hayya Hayya is not only setting tone for an energetic global celebration but also creating excitement of the event. In two words it has very fantastic meaning i.e., ‘better together’.

Le Panga

A fabulous and energetic song written by Piyush Mishra was sung by the one and only Big-B a.k.a Amitabh Bachchan in his baritone voice for Pro Kabaddi League, 2015. The song showcased a cool look of this rugged sport, infusing humour amongst the players and the spectators. The idea behind this legendary track was combining energy of the great Indian sports with great Indian tradition with the sense of fun and fire.

De Ghuma Ke

A peppy foot-tapping song that fits the mood of the tournament was revealed as an official theme song for ICC World Cup 2011. A mixture of fun and funky music giving folksy feel and a hint of rustic Punjabi was written by Manoj Yadav and sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Divya Kumar. A fun number that made people dance and sing ‘De Ghuma’ Ke meant ‘hit it hard’.

La La La

An enthusiastic song was unveiled for FIFA World Cup 2014, was repurposed version of Dare (La La La). The anthem sung by Shakira proclaimed Brazil’s greatness and calling the players to score.

Waka Waka

The football anthem released in the year 2010 was recorded in the city of Cape Town which captivated the hearts not only of football fans but of every music enthusiast. It streamed in more than 15 countries reaching the hearts of millions with a history of 15 million downloads globally. The lively inspirational song reflected the culture of South Africa.

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