MLK Interfaith Breakfast returns to Chicago after 3 years


CHICAGO — Before celebrating the Martin Luther King holiday, people gathered Friday for the 37th annual interfaith breakfast to celebrate his life.

Over the most important meal of the day, some of the most important moments of the Civil Rights movements were remembered, along with those who led the charge.

After a three-year Covid hiatus, the annual interfaith breakfast celebrating Dr. King made a strong comeback.

While the people gathered to celebrate MLK, they also celebrated Emmett Till’s mother, Mamie Till-Mobley who demanded an open casket at the funeral of her son. Till was lynched in 1955 while visiting family in the South. 

Mamie died in 2003. On Friday, she posthumously was awarded the Champion of Freedom Award. Her family accepted the award on her behalf.

Till’s cousin Ollie Gordon was there the night the child was abducted and killed.

The keynote address was given by Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson, who now represents the district where Till was killed.

Thompson also played a key in the Jan. 6 investigation as the chair of the committee.

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