Mid-week snow system snowfall amounts to depend on storm track




A total of 1.5 inches of snow was recorded officially for Chicago at O’Hare Airport Sunday.  The 1.5 inch snowfall was the highest daily total for the 2022-2023 snow season.  A daily snowfall total of 1.3 inches occurred twice this snow season at O’Hare, on December 16th and December 21st.  Even with the 1.5 inches of snow at O’Hare on Sunday, seasonal snowfall of 6.2 inches remains well below the seasonal normal of 17.3 inches through January 22nd.

The final storm track will determine how much snow falls in the Chicago area.  Current model runs are suggesting the center of the storm system will track well sough of Chicagoland.  The projected storm track is forecast to be close to the Illinois/Kentucky border.  A storm track that far south would likely drop the heaviest snowfall over central Illinois.  Snow is still likely in the Chicago area Wednesday.  Northeast winds on Wednesday could generate lake snow enhancement on the Illinois side of Lake Michigan. Winter storm watches have already been issued for Tuesday night and Wednesday from northwest Arkansas to southwest Illinois.

January temperatures remain well above normal through the first three weeks of the month.  January temperatures have averaged more than 10 degrees above normal.  While daytime maximum temperatures have been closer to normal, heavy cloud cover has kept temperatures from falling significantly overnight.  Skies will be mainly cloudy during the course of the next seven days.