Men honored for saving Chicago-area teacher’s life


DEERFIELD, Ill. — Two men were honored as heroes Sunday at a CPR class in Deerfield for helping save a teacher’s life months ago.

For Steve Farber, a math teacher at Glenbrook South, this type of training is the reason he is here today.

In October, his heart stopped on the court while playing paddle ball.

“I remember getting dizzy and falling,” Farber said.

John Gault, a former EMT, was right there and went to help.

“It was all instinct,” Gault said. “It was the previous training I had. Just ran over and when I assessed he wasn’t breathing, immediately started compressions and called for an AED.”

Todd Siau ran over with an AED and went to help.

“As John was going with compressions, I was getting the device set up,” Siau said. “When the device said ‘Shock was needed,’ everyone took a collective gasp and then I had everyone stand clear and pushed it.”

Within a few minutes, Farber’s heartbeat came back.

“Bystander CPR saves lives,” North Shore University Health System Dr. Johnathan Rosenberg said. “Steve was very lucky because he was able to get prompt CPR, prompt defibrillation and because he got that, we were able to restore blood flow to the rest of his body.”

This weekend, four months since their effort saved Steve’s life, they got recognition as heroes.

“I’m just glad I got to shake Steve’s hand, to hug his wife, say hello to his kids,” Siau said.

“I consider him to be one of the most important people in my life right now,” Farver said.

He is now back in the classroom and so grateful to have his life.

“I could get back to my students, I could get back to my family and I’m basically whole, which is amazing,” he said.

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