‘March Forth’ suburban moms upset after vote delayed for assault weapons ban


HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. — North Shore mother Kitty Brandtner got to work hours after July 4th – mobilizing parents to lead a march at the U.S. Capitol.

It’s purpose was to demand a federal ban on semi-automatic weapons like the one used at the parade shooting. House Democrats had scheduled a vote on the ban for Friday.

It’s now been pushed to later next month – a delay Brandtner says families can’t afford.

“I’m getting calls every day from survivors of a mass shooting like ‘why won’t they listen to us?’” Brandtner said. “I’m like, we elected them, I have no idea.”

Behind the scenes, Democratic leaders want to tie the gun safety legislation to a package that would increase funding for police to ensure both survive. Some Democrats may oppose the police legislation if it were independent, leaders said.

Congressman Brad Schneider, who represents Highland Park, says there are a handful of Republican representatives who’d support the ban and a handful of Democrats who won’t. The idea is expected to get heavy pushback from Republicans in the Senate.

“Of course I share the disappointment, I wish we had voted on this last week,” Schneider (D-10th District) said. “I wish we’d voted on this a year ago or 10 years ago when I first got here. We’re trying to make sure we’ve locked everything down and want to make sure it passes when it comes to the floor.”

Gun rights groups like the The American Firearms Association are celebrating the delay – saying the fight is about people having the ability to defend themselves against a “tyrannical government.”

Schneider is encouraging activists like Brandtner to keep pushing.

“Every day that passes is another opportunity for another mass shooting to occur. We won’t let that happen. We can’t,” Brandtner said.

She is encouraging people who feel the same way to keep calling their representatives, to keep this issue top of mind. Gun rights groups are encouraging their supporters to do the same.

The alleged gunman of the shooting was indicted on 117 counts Wednesday.

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