Longtime Chicago columnist John Kass suffers health scare


CHICAGO — Former Chicago Tribune columnist – and continued muckraker via podcast and internet – John Kass announced that he is recovering from a series of significant health problems.

Kass said he had quadruple bypass surgery earlier this month after doctors discovered a significant blockage in his heart. 

“They took this battered trunk of a body… and they cooled me down so they could keep the heart alive and the brain alive,” Kass said of the University of Chicago heart surgeons who treated him.

Kass said he hasn’t yet been able to stand following the surgery. Kass also revealed he previously suffered a stroke.  

For decades, Kass provided biting, insightful and often emotional commentary on a wide range of topics that jumped from political corruption one day to tending to his tomato garden the next. 

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“I love you all very much,” Kass said on his WGN Radio podcast. “Every day I’m reminded and amazed at the depth of your good feelings.”

Kass filled the showcase spot in the Chicago Tribune once penned by Mike Royko. He parted ways with the newspaper in 2021 and has since become a vocal critic of the paper’s coverage. He said he hopes to continue writing for his website.

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