locals gather to support abortion rights in Lakeview


CHICAGO — Locals gathered in Lakeview Sunday to stand in support of abortion rights.

The abortion rights rally took place at Second Unitarian Church on Barry Avenue where religious leaders from area churches joined community members to stand up and speak out in support of a woman’s right to choose.

The rally was prompted by an incident that happened back on Aug. 25, where two women were caught on camera vandalizing a sign outside the church that read, “We support abortion on demand without apology.”

“We believe that those women that caused the vandalism are people with indignity,” said Rev. Elizabeth Harding, the action minister for religious education at Second Unitarian Church. “But how you choose to act, destroying a part of our building and our sign is also not a life giving choice.”

The church has replaced the sign with the same message displayed, but police said they have not caught the women who committed the act of vandalism.

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