Little Village group seeks federal help for unsolved homicides


CHICAGO — The Little Village Community Council is concerned about the number of unsolved homicides cases in its neighborhood and wants the FBI to step in and help.

The council held a press conference Wednesday morning with members of its committee Mothers and Families United for Justice to formally ask the Chicago Police Department to request help from federal law enforcement agencies.

In a press release the council stated “due to the incompetence, indifference, and overwhelming work the Chicago Police Department undergoes, the cases of our loved ones remained unsolved, some cases over 10 years… The community is trying to assist the Homicide department but they continuously keep ignoring victims, witnesses, and even evidence.”

Following the press conference the group stated they were heading into CPD’s Area 5 headquarters to meet with a lieutenant involved with homicide investigations and they hoped to get answers to their questions.

WGN has reached out to CPD for a response to the council’s stated feelings on the matter of unsolved homicides in their community but has not received a reply.

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