Let’s Talk About Your Yard This Summer!


What does the perfect sophisticated yard look like for the summer season?

The jury is still on, but there are certainly some essentials you want to have on your list.


Indeed, as the weather stations are recording heat records throughout the country, your yard could be the key to a fresh and relaxing summer. Let’s take inspiration from these gorgeous luxury apartments and townhomes that have embraced the crucial role of vegetation during the summer season. The beautiful homes on display come with fully manicured landscaping and mature trees. How does a well-maintained garden beat the summer heat? It’s simple. Trees can block the sun, reducing direct exposure. As a result, your home could feel up to a few degrees cooler. Additionally, the photosynthesis process releases oxygen and moisture at night, which can also help cool down your garden and the surrounding area. 


How else can you improve your yard to make your home more comfortable this summer? Keep reading for some great tips on how to have a sophisticated yard this summer!


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The Addition of a Pool

If your yard dimensions are sufficient to fit a swimming pool, it may be a fantastic way to enhance your home value and bring the heat down. A body of water will instantly decrease the heat, even if you don’t swim in it. 


It is important to remember that your pool needs regular maintenance and a cleaning routine to keep its water clear and safe. Algae can develop quickly in summer if you don’t keep oxygen in the water. You can hire a maintenance service to look after your pool too, as long as they can guarantee frequent working hours throughout the summer heat. 


The ideal temperature for an outdoor pool is around 78°F to 82°F, which is low enough to prevent bacteria growth but also warm enough to be comfortable. Algae tends to develop when the water remains static in summer or when you can’t control the temperature in the event of a heatwave. For cooling purposes, you want to maintain the water temperature below 82°F.


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A Water Feature

If your yard isn’t large enough to install a pool, a water feature such as an artificial pond or a fountain can be a great way of creating a cooling environment outside. 

If you opt for a pond with fish, you want to consider some water pumps and water oxygenator solutions, which will bring movements to the water and reduce algae formation. To protect the fish from the extreme sun heat, pond designers often opt for a variety of elegant and tasteful solutions depending on your choices and landscape. 



Growing aquatic plants, such as water lilies, which are visible from March to September, can create safe shadow pockets for the fish population. 

It is not uncommon to add a small bridge that crosses over the pond to create an area that is out of direct sun exposure. 

Some water pumps also create a small water spray that can cool down the pond and keep your fish safe from overheating. 


You can actually have a sophisticated yard that will be a soothing haven that helps drop the temperature in the middle of a heatwave. The combination of green and lush elements with water features can keep your home fresh, inviting, and sophisticated even at the peak of the summer season. 


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