Large tree falls on house in Oregon, traps resident against recliner chair


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A large tree knocked down by high winds damaged a house in Oregon and pinned a resident to their chair on Thursday, officials said.

Portland Fire and Rescue crews were first dispatched to the home in southeast Portland shortly before 12:30 p.m., though the crew was temporarily detained after coming across a different downed tree on the way, blocking the engine from going further.

After calling for backup and redirecting the engine, firefighters say they arrived at the home to find the tree blocking the front door. Crews ultimately made their way in through the back entrance and found the tree had pinned a person to their recliner.

Responding crews were able to free and safely remove the resident from the home with only minor injuries, the department said.

Photos shared by Portland Fire and Rescue showed a large portion of the downed tree as it appeared inside one of the home’s rooms, directly over a recliner covered in debris.

Officials with Portland Fire and Rescue said Friday that they had also responded to reports of multiple fires, downed trees and medical emergencies over the previous 24 hours.

They also advised residents to avoid leaving their homes during the severe weather.

“We urge you to shelter where you are and take caution if you must leave,” the department wrote on Facebook, “but rest assured, we will be there for you if you need us. Stay safe, Portland.”

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