Lani Mercado & Richard Gomez Promote Rabbit Farming As Sustainable Livelihood Option


More government officials are now recognizing the need to look for more sustainable forms of livelihood. For Congresswoman Lani Mercado and Congressman Richard I. Gomez, rabbit farming would be a great livelihood option that should be considered.

Rabbit farming is now encouraged as a form of livelihood and to provide a healthier alternative to pork and chicken meat. During the celebration of the 10th cityhood anniversary of Bacoor, Mercado shared that she was convinced there’s a bright future for rabbit farming in the Philippines.

Image by Rep. Lani Mercado via Facebook

According to the congresswoman, it doesn’t take much to raise rabbits because you can just do it in your backyard. Plus, they reproduce very easily. They also taste really good and there are now many food options for rabbit meat. There’s rabbit sisig, longganisa, hotdog, and many others.

“Natikman ko ang meat ng rabbit, para siyang manok at saka good source of protein siya at saka walang cholesterol ito. Although, ang cute ng mga rabbit. Parang magandang livelihood ang pagri-raise ng rabbit. Saka may demand pa ito sa mga Muslim borthers and sisters po natin. Kasi, di ba, hindi sila kumakain ng baboy?” Mercado was quoted on Pep.

“Madali pang alagaan, at ang kinakain nila, damo lang at saka dayami. Mas okay daw na damo at dayami ang pinapakain sa mga rabbit, e. Very interesting, ito,” she added.

The congresswoman’s idea was also agreed upon by Gomez who said they are already starting a rabbit farm in Ormoc.

“Kami, ginagawa na namin sa Ormoc yung rabbit farming. In fact, the reason why I have rabbits, I tried rabbit meat, masarap,” Gomez said.

However, Gomez admitted that when he was ready to cook their pet rabbit, his wife Mayor Lucy Torres-Gomez, stopped him. He recalled in jest, “Nung nag-alaga ako ng rabbit… I am going to cook the rabbit. Nung nakita niya [Lucy], ‘Huwag mo nang galawin, kawawa naman.’”

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Other local government units (LGU) are also following suit on the promotion of rabbit farming. The Biñan LGU launched the Biñan City Rabbitry in March 2021. The facility provides assistance to those who are planning to open a rabbit farm. They offer free rabbit-raising manuals and seminars to those who want to venture into rabbit farming. They even have free vitamins and other services for those who are already started rabbit breeding.

Acel Reyes, the manager of Bian City Rabbitry, said that Filipinos are still hesitant to eat rabbit meat, but that will soon change when people learn about its health benefits. He said in Manila Bulletin that rabbit farms are easy to manage. Plus, rabbit meat is one of the healthiest meat as it’s rich in protein and low in fat.

Aside from rabbit farming, goat farming is also a great business venture. A student earned thousands of money when he started his goat farm in Tarlac.

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