‘Land Back!’: Lincoln statue defaced on North Side


CHICAGO — An Abraham Lincoln statue was defaced Monday inside Lincoln Park.

“Abraham Lincoln: The Man” statue, located within Lincoln Park in the 2000 block of Lincoln Park West, was installed on 1887.

According to a press release, an “of resistors of colonial violence attacked” the statue. Red paint is dripping down from Lincoln’s shoulders with “dethrone the colonizers” written below in blue.

On the left side, “Land Back!” can be seen and “avenge the Dakota 38” was written in front of the statue.

In 1862 following battles between the U.S. and the Dakota tribe, 38 Dakota men were hung in Minnesota.

The defacement happened on Columbus Day and Indigenous People’s Day. As the Columbus statues in Chicago remain away, the fate of the two Lincoln statues in the city and 39 other statues are not known.

Last year, a city commission was announced to determine those fates as part of a “racial healing and historical reckoning project.”

Chicago police said no one is in custody following the Lincoln defacement.

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