‘Klanned Parenthood’: Bailey’s running mate’s old social media posts surface


Republican candidate for governor Darren Bailey has come under fire for his social media posts including saying the holocaust “doesn’t even compare on a shadow” of lives lost from abortion.

But Bailey is not alone in using social media to share his cultural views. His running mate, Lt. Governor candidate Stephanie Trussell, also posts on Facebook and Twitter.

“Stick your finger in the lock and your DNA will open the appropriate door,” she tweeted in 2017. “We are not interchangeable. Do you think ‘Bruce,’ referring to Kaitlyn Jenner, has true joy?”

Trussell has used Facebook posts to mock Planned Parenthood.

“President Obama became the first sitting president ever to address Klanned Parenthood,” she posted.

The candidate also has a series of posts about gays and lesbians.

“Just say no! The LGBTQXYZ agenda is aggressively trying to repurpose classic stories and films. How can a godmother be genderless? Satan is a liar!” Trussell posted in 2020 about actor Billy Porter playing a genderless fairy godmother.

Trussell is sharply critical of politicians that back the “gay agenda.”

“Since Bill Clinton was called the first black president can we call Barack Obama the first gay president?” she tweeted in 2015.

Political analyst Paul Lisnek says answering questions about social media posts is the last thing Bailey and Trussell want to be focused on as they ramp up for the general election.

“Crime is skyrocketing and jobs and families are fleeing under JB Pritzker’s watch. But his campaign and the media are making a big election about old social media posts. Darren Bailey and I are focused on making Illinois safer and more affordable for every Illinoisan,” Trussell said in a statement to WGN News.

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