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Located just an hour from Vienna is one of the smallest capitals of Europe. Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is uniquely positioned on the border of Austria and Hungry, at the foot of the Little Carpathians, and occupies both the banks of the River Morava and the Danube River.

However, if you are planning your next euro trip, you might ask, is Bratislava worth visiting

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This small little city packs quite the tourism punch. It is easily accessible on foot—some may say it is a walker’s paradise—and is known for its tradition, culture, art, food, nightlife, and history.

Bratislava is also surrounded by nature, perfect for anyone eager to explore forested hiking trails, ride a bicycle, or even go swimming at the beach. 

If you are considering visiting Bratislava, you are probably wondering what are some things to know before going and also questioning is Bratislava worth visiting? 

Here are a few things to know before visiting this beautiful Slovakian capital. 


Reasons To Visit Bratislava: The Pros

Bratislava is known for its rich history that dates back more than two thousand years. Conversely, it is also one of Europe’s youngest capital cities.

It became the capital of Slovakia in 1993. Before that, it was also the capital of Hungary from 1526 to 1784. 

The capital has been known by many names—Pressburg, Pozsony, Prešporok—but today, it is known as the culture, political and economic center of Slovakia. A city filled with understated elegance, a rich historical past, delicious cuisine, and an undeniable charm.

Delicious & Affordable Food 

If you are a meat lover, one of the reasons to visit Bratislava is the cuisine. Slovakian cuisine is a mixture of influences from all over Central Europe.

However, it also has distinct dishes that every traveler should try.  

If you are looking for mouth-watering and hearty cuisine, you’ll be pretty happy in Bratislava. Most dishes are made with pork, chicken, cabbage, cheese, potatoes, and bread.

If you go to Bratislava, make sure to try Zemiakové placky (potato pancakes), any type of potato dumpling, also known as bryndzové or kapustnica (sauerkraut soup).

Another pleasant surprise is that the food in Bratislava, in general, is affordable, even if you end up going to a higher-end establishment. So make sure to eat your heart out.

Capuchin Church in Bratislava

The Land Of Wine

Did you know that Bratislava is considered the oldest wine-growing village in Slovakia? Records of vine growing date back to 997-1038. 

It should come as no surprise then that nestled in the historical center of Bratislava is the Slovak National Collection of Wine. Here wine-lovers can find over one hundred different types of wine made exclusively in Slovakia.

They also offer various wine tasting programs, such as tasting 72 wines in 100 mins. Last but certainly not least, travelers can also buy their favorite wines to take home.

Art & Architecture 

Bratislava is a city that has a little bit of everything—a clash of cultures and history all mashed up into one small space.

The city’s center is home to a gorgeous mishmash of architecture, from soviet blocks to modernist townhouses to Art Nouveau. Make sure to take the time to see the Blue Church! 

Many people argue about whether brutalist architecture is considered beautiful or an eye-sore. However, there are many examples of this style of architecture within the city limits that you can visit.

Make sure to take the time to visit, Kukurica, Istropolis, the UFO bridge, and Slovensky rozhlas, the Slovak Radio, and TV building.

The city is also home to thirty different museums and galleries filled with unique collections ranging from medieval to contemporary pieces. Make sure to visit the Museum of History in Bratislava Castle to learn more about the history and ethnocultural development of the Slovakian population.


So what is Bratislava like at nighttime? Although it cannot be compared with cities like Prague or Budapest, this capital city does have an interesting and quite lively nightlife.

Yes, it does have a small nightlife scene, but several areas within the city are great nightlife spots for any type of party-goer. 

Bratislava does have a little something for everyone. So whether you want to relax after a full day of exploring with a cocktail and some live music or prefer to party the night away, Bratislava has something for you. 

However, quick tip, it is illegal to drink alcohol on the streets of the Old Town and in many other public spaces around the city. If you do get caught by the police, you will be fined. Remember, when in doubt, ask a local.

Apollo Bridge at night in Bratislava

It Has Beaches

Bratislava has beaches? Yup!

There are many different beaches in and around the city. If you don’t want to wander far from the city center, then head over to Tyršák Beach, which has artificial sand, music, and a bar serving refreshing cocktails. 

There are also several options outside the city, including Zlaté Piesky (Golden Sands) lake. Here travelers can try different water sports, and there is even a small island in the middle where you can swim.

It Can Be Quite Affordable

Compared to many other major European cities, Bratislava can be pretty affordable. It is often seen as cheaper than Vienna, which is just an hour away. 

As a result, one of the reasons to visit Bratislava is because you can get more bang for your buck. 

First, there are the attractions. The city offers different types of attractions, many of which are free.

The tourism office also sells a Bratislava Card, which offers entrance to museums, public transport, various discounts, and walking tours for a low price—around 20​​€/24hours. 

Then there are the restaurants, accommodations, and alcoholic beverages, which are reasonably priced. The wine and beer can often be cheaper than the water, which is excellent news if you’d like to try a Slovakian glass of wine or one of the many different types of Slovak beer.

Our recommendation? Try Zlatý Bažant, which was founded in 1969.

Slovakian Beer

Still Relatively Unknown

Bratislava is not on many travelers’ radar, which means that, unlike many of its European counterparts, it is not as crowded during the summer. 

Fewer crowds, beautiful weather, delicious food, river beaches, and affordable prices make Bratislava a great option during the high-summer season.


Last but certainly not least, is Bratislava safe? This is a common question when people decide to book any type of vacation.

The good news is that Bratislava is a safe city to travel to, with a low violent crime rate. The bad news is that petty crime is still a problem in the city, especially in tourist areas, like the railway station or large shopping malls. 

As a result, remember always to keep an eye on your belongings, never leave your personal belongings unattended, and always have travel insurance, just in case.

Reasons To Visit Bratislava: The Cons

Although the pros may seem to outweigh the cons, there are a couple of things to know when traveling to Bratislava, as these particular cons may influence your Slovakian travel plans.

Hospitality (In Terms Of Customer Service) 

There have been reports of customer service problems at some bars, restaurants, and accommodations in Bratislava. Some reported problems include a lack of proper service, staff rudeness, and also additional charges for menu items.

Some restaurants have been known to overcharge or add extra costs to patron’s final cheques. There have also been some reports of possible violence or aggression towards patrons who refuse to listen to employees or refuse to pay their bills. 

As a result, if you visit Bratislava, never order something without knowing the price or glancing at a menu. If a menu arrives without prices, do not order anything and opt to go elsewhere. 

Check Facebook groups, customer review pages, or blogs to read up on restaurants or bars before heading out to one. 

The Final Verdict: So Is Bratislava Worth Visiting?

So is Bratislava nice, and is Bratislava worth visiting? Absolutely! 

Bratislava is not on many travelers’ radars, however, it definitely should be. It is a city filled with art, architecture, and history and surrounded by natural beauty.

Imagine waking up and taking a stroll through the pedestrian-only Old Town before heading out on a hike to the Little Carpathians and ending the day on a river cruise down the Danube. Doesn’t that sound just perfect?  

Bratislava is a popular day trip for anyone visiting Vienna, but we would recommend sticking around for an extra day or two to experience everything that this city has to offer. 

Yes, it is a small city, and many people may argue that there isn’t anything to see, but we would disagree. From unique restaurants like the UFO restaurant, which hovers over the SNP bridge, to a wine tasting at the Slovak National Collection of Wine, to a visit to the Devín Castle, there are plenty of things to see and do in Bratislava. 

So is Bratislava worth visiting? Yes indeed.

It is the perfect spot for a 2-3 day vacation to relax, explore and enjoy everything that Slovakia—has to offer—all within a decent budget. 

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