Is Barcelona Worth Visiting? | 2022


You may have been wondering, is Barcelona worth visiting?

Known for its iconic architecture, thriving nightlife, and beachside location, Barcelona is one of the most desirable European cities for travelers worldwide. 

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The Catalonian capital offers everything from museums to parks to shopping to cocktail bars. Thus, it’s no surprise that Barcelona sees millions of visitors yearly. 

If you’re considering booking a trip to this vibrant European city, read on. We’re sharing the pros and cons of this popular tourist destination, answering the question, is Barcelona worth visiting?

aerial view of barcelona

The Pros Of Visiting Barcelona: Reasons To Visit

Barcelona has many incredible things that make it stand out as a truly unique place. Here are the top reasons why you’ll love Barcelona. 

It Has World-Class Architecture

One of the top reasons people visit Barcelona is its distinct, eye-catching architecture. Barcelona is famed for its Gaudi masterpieces, such as La Sagrada Família, Casa Milà, and Park Guell. 

To appreciate these unique buildings, you don’t have to be an art enthusiast. Moreover, the interiors and exteriors are magnificent, so if you don’t fancy splashing out on the pricey tickets, you can admire them from the outside instead.

That being said, I recommend going inside Park Guell. The cost is well worth it as you experience the iconic postcard view over the city from the inside and can see the colorful mosaic designs up close. 

If you can afford it, I also recommend paying to go inside Casa Milà. There are six floors to explore inside, including a recreated apartment showing what life was like in the early 1900s.

There are also fabulous inner courtyards. The main attraction, though, is the rooftop.

Here, you’ll find 28 twisted chimneys decorated with marble, broken Valencia tiles, and glass.

la pedrera mansion up close

The Food Is Delicious

While you may not go to Barcelona specifically for the food, it will undoubtedly be the highlight of your trip. 

If you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll love the restaurants by the beach that have the freshest, highest-quality fish and seafood you’ve ever tasted. There is also a wide selection, from grilled cuttlefish to mussels to lobster to octopus legs.

Away from the coast, you’ll find endless tapas bars in the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, as well as the vibrant squares in El Raval.

Tapas bars are affordable and super welcoming. If you’re traveling alone, you’ll likely get chatting with someone in a tapas bar, whether a tourist or a local.

There are also various tapas and wine tours in Barcelona, which will take you to a handful of bars, giving you a taste of Barcelona’s eating and drinking culture. 

grilled mussels

There Is Great Nightlife

A jug of Sangria and a couple of small plates is an excellent way to kick off the evening. Still, it is only the beginning of a long, fun-filled night in Barcelona. 

This Spanish city is renowned for its nightlife. It is home to many famous bars and clubs, such as Paradiso, Dr. Stravinsky, Opium, and Pacha.

El Born is the place to go to check out the bars. There are many excellent drinking spots here, all very close to each other, making for an easy and fun bar-hopping experience. 

Port Olimpic is where you will find the biggest clubs and the city’s casino, so many people head here after a couple of hours of bar-hopping.

However, as this area overlooks the ocean, there are also lots of trendy cocktail bars with incredible views if you prefer a more chilled vibe.  

people dancing at club



It Has A Pleasant Climate

Barcelona is almost always sunny and warm, making it a delightful city to visit all year round. Even the winter in Barcelona is mild, with average highs of 15°C (59°F) and lows of 9°C (48°F) and minimal rainfall. 

The hottest months are July and August when it can reach up to 30°C (86°F). The month with the highest rainfall is October, but with an average of 6 days, it’s doubtful that the weather will affect your trip. 

The beach right by the city center adds to Barcelona’s pleasant climate. Thus, even though the summers can get very hot, you can always head to the seaside and take a dip in the ocean to refresh.

This makes Barcelona a favored summer city break over Madrid, which lacks beach vibes.

Barcelona city beach

There Is A Vibrant Atmosphere

Most people who visit Barcelona rave about the incredible ambiance. Like many Spanish cities, the streets are full of life, and people are generally happy.

Although the vibe isn’t as laid back as in small Spanish towns, the pace of life is nowhere near as fast as in cities like London and New York.

Barcelona’s ambiance can be described as a mix of historical, cultural, artsy, and quirky. However, each district has its own vibe, so I highly recommend checking out each neighborhood. 

El Raval is artsy and bohemian, with hippy bars, design shops, and murals on every street.

Gràcia, in the north of the city, is another hip, bohemian district with a more international feel. Here you’ll find a wide range of cuisine and an eclectic array of independent stores. 

As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter is full of historic charm, consisting of medieval buildings partly surrounded by the old city walls. 

In contrast, Poblenou, in the east of the city, is one of Barcelona’s up-and-coming districts. It is full of hipsters and start-ups who have transformed old warehouses into creative offices, co-working spaces, and craft beer breweries.

The gorgeous beach adds to the enjoyable atmosphere as many locals head there after work. Thus, you’ll notice among the residents there is an excellent work/life balance here.

barcelona mosaic wall

The Cons Of Visiting Barcelona: Reasons To Skip It

Despite the many pros, there are a couple of reasons why you may decide to skip Barcelona and visit another destination instead.

It Can Get Crowded

Barcelona is the most visited city in Spain, so it’s only natural that you’ll encounter crowds here. It’s not a quiet city, and the streets can get congested with foot traffic. 

The summer months and main holiday seasons are when Barcelona is busiest. During these times, you’ll likely face long queues to get into some attractions, a lack of accommodation availability, and higher prices.

However, you can avoid the crowds somewhat by planning your visit smartly. Come during the week at the beginning of Spring or late Autumn, and you’ll enjoy a more tranquil experience. 

crowds in la rampla barcelona

It Is Expensive

As well as being the most visited, Barcelona is the most expensive city in Spain, slightly more than Madrid. Therefore, if you’re after a low-cost vacation in the sun, you’d be better off heading to one of the country’s resort towns instead.

Everything in Barcelona is pricey, from accommodation to food to tourist attractions. However, this doesn’t mean that a trip to Barcelona is unaffordable.

If you’re keen to visit but want to keep costs low, you can do a few things.

First, admire the buildings from the outside rather than buy tickets to go inside. Next, eat and drink in small local eateries and bars away from tourist hotspots rather than cocktail bars, beach clubs, and fine-dining restaurants by the coast. 

Or, to be super savvy, eat at the local markets and buy wine from the supermarkets to drink on your hotel room balcony. 

girl with shopping bags in barcelona

The Final Verdict: Is Barcelona Worth Visiting?

For many people, the pros of Barcelona outweigh the cons. However, whether or not you should visit is entirely down to your personal preferences. 

What’s more, if you feel drawn to this city but dislike crowds or worry it will break the bank, you might not have to rule out the idea altogether.

Instead, with some intelligent, careful planning, you can minimize the cons to maximize the pros.

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