Instagram Removes Boomerang and Hyperlapse App from Stores


– Boomerang And Hyperlapse Applications are deleted from Stores by Instagram

Instagram’s heading towards an ara where it might have all of its features and functions in a solo application which happens to be Instagram. This would provide users and creators with more options to create content with rather than a stand-alone platform for a specific type of content. The launch of the reel has already changed the application by a huge level.

Focusing on the single Instagram app, the company has now decided to shred off all extra applications. After removing the IGTV application previously, Instagram has now decided to remove boomerang and hyperlapse applications from the stores. According to info from TechCrunch, after 1 march these apps were deleted from the stores of all platforms

Both the apps form Instagram have good amount of downloads, Boomerang having a greater count.


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