Indonesia’s New Criminal Code Will NOT Affect Tourists | 2022


The controversial criminal code being introduced across Indonesia has been the point of much worry among unmarried tourists, particularly the hordes of youngsters who flock to the island of Bali every year.

Indonesia criminal code

The new law — set to be fully rolled out in 2025 — forbids sex before marriage and was originally stated to affect tourists, as well as locals.

There are other laws within this code, which include a widespread ban on abortion, a prohibition on insulting the government, and adultery.

The punishment for flouting this new set of rules is up to 1 year of prison time, which had many foreigners immediately checking Indonesia off their bucket lists.

The criminal code states that only immediate members of an offender’s family, including parents or siblings, can report them to the authorities.

Indonesian officials will not have the power to investigate or prosecute anyone who hasn’t been officially reported.

However, it had been unclear thus far whether unmarried tourists would be able to book hotels or apartments together, or if a marriage certificate would need to be produced in advance.

Balinese governor Wayan Koster has cleared up the confusion, stating that “based on the provisions of the new Indonesian criminal code, visitors who visit or live in Bali would not need to worry.”

In his words, there will be “no checks on marital statuses at tourist accommodations like hotels, villas, guest houses or spas, or inspections by public officials or community groups.”

Wayan went on to say that “Bali is (business) as usual – comfortable and safe to visit.

We look forward to welcoming visitors with our Balinese hospitality and advise all parties not to deliver misleading statements regarding the Indonesian criminal code that might disrupt Bali tourism.”

Now that this statement has been made by Indonesian officials, travelers everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief and get back to planning their unforgettable trip.

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