Indiana agencies start sending new round of tax rebates


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana state tax rebate payments have started to be made by direct bank deposit or printed checks, although some taxpayers will have to wait until October to receive the money.

The state Department of Revenue announced Thursday that it had already issued about 1.5 million direct deposits for the $200-per-taxpayer rebates from the surging state budget surplus approved by the Indiana Legislature earlier this month. Most of those payments should appear in bank accounts around Aug. 24, the agency said.

The state auditor’s office, meanwhile, has started printing about 1.7 million rebate checks that have been delayed for months because of what officials said was shortages of the needed paper supplies.

Most of those checks will be for $325 per taxpayer because the office had not yet sent out $125 payments that were set to go out in the spring under the state’s automatic taxpayer refund law.

Direct deposit payments for the first round of rebates were sent starting in May.

Up to 50,000 checks can be printed per day, so the auditor’s office estimates it will complete mailing those checks in early October.

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