‘In broad daylight’: Bucktown residents question why armed robbery classified as property crime


CHICAGO — Bucktown residents are sounding off following recent armed robberies in the neighborhood.

One resident WGN News spoke with Friday said despite efforts to bolster security, robberies are all too common and an incident Thursday is shaking up the neighborhood.

“Me and my girlfriend were walking past the church and we hear this guy screaming,” he said.

Police said an attempted armed robbery happened at around 11 a.m. near the corner of Wood and Bloomingdale. Two alleged assailants and an accomplice elected to flee the scene empty handed.

The couple WGN News spoke with were victims of an armed robbery back on Aug. 20 just blocks away from the one they recently heard.

“Just all-around feeling helpless,” he said.

The couple showed an incident report from Aug. 20 classifying the armed robbery as a property crime.

“I had a gun pointed at my face, a gun in my chest,” he said. “Strangers rifling through my pockets, feels more like assault.”

In addition to the armed robberies, last month two vehicles had their windows smashed in for no apparent reason.

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