Illinois Dems don’t expect SAFT-T Act to be ‘gutted’ in veto session


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — One week after the election and lawmakers are back in Springfield for the year’s final session.

Tweaks to the controversial SAFE-T Act is on the menu during a brief two-week veto session.

The law is set to end Illinois cash bail system beginning on Jan. 1. But some Democrats want to clarify the discretion judges will have to detain defendants who pose a risk.

“There’s a lot of work that’s been done by the General Assembly over the last number of months in the working groups and they’re going to bring that to the veto session,” Gov. Pritzker said last week.

The cash bail provision came under fire during the campaign with Republicans labeling Democrats “soft on crime.”

But the governor won reelection and Democrats expanded their legislative majorities — so they’re not planning a major overhaul of the SAFE-T Act.

The legislature is also not expected to address a ban on assault-style weapons or protections for abortion access. Those hot-button issue are likely to come up in the Spring.

Also the session, members are expected to choose their leaders.

House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch and Senate President Don Harmon are expected to remain in their posts. But Republicans are heading in a new direction.

House GOP Leader Jim Durkin, who is stepping aside, used an appearance on WGN’s Political Report over the weekend to open up about his party’s troubles.

“In politics and in government, you win with addition. You win with addition and not subtraction,” he said. “We have been in the game of subtraction because we have held candidates to this far right extreme principals under the platform.”

Lawmakers are scheduled to be in session again Wednesday.

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