IL Democrats leading all across the ballot


In addition to picking the next governor and United States Senator, Illinois voters are also being asked to choose several executive branch officers as well.

According to the latest Emerson College/The Hill/WGN TV poll, Democratic candidates are leading in every contest. Here are some of the higher profile political races across the state of Illinois:

Secretary of State: Alexi Giannoulis (D) vs Dan Brady (R)

Perhaps the highest profile of the political races outside of the gubernatorial and U.S. senate ones is the race to replace retiring Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.

“Alexi Giannoulias has a history with this state, he’s been treasurer of this state,” said WGN political analyst Paul Lisnek. “But to be honest with you, Dan Brady just has not run a very visible, present campaign.”

According to the poll, Giannoulis is edging Brady by 9.5 points.

Attorney General: Kwame Raoul (D, Incumbent) vs Tom DeVore (R)

Illinois State Attorney General Kwame Raoul is seeking re-election while facing off against the man who led the charge against Governor JB Pritzker’s COVID-19 mandates, Tom DeVore.

“DeVore in many ways is preaching to a choir that’s open to the message to the extent that people are concerned about crime,” Lisnek said.

The central point of DeVore’s rhetoric is based around hammering away at the SAFE-T Act.

“This bill was crammed through at the last minute by special interests without our legislature, both Democrats and Republicans, having ample opportunity to review it,” DeVore said at a news conference.

Raoul has defended the process to pass the legislation and the elimination of cash bail that begins on Jan. 1.

“I don’t believe that cash should be the determining factor as to whether or not somebody is held pre-trial,” Raoul said.

Raoul holds a 7.7-point edge over DeVore in the poll.

Treasurer: Michael Frerichs (D, Incumbent) vs Tom Demmer (R)

Michael Frerichs is facing a challenge from a rising star amongst the Illinois GOP in state representative Tom Demmer.

“On the Demmer campaign, it kind of seems to be out there on his own,” Lisnek said. “We don’t see a lot of ads from him.”

Frerichs holds a 9.9-point lead over Demmer in the poll.

Comptroller: Susana Mendoza (D, Incumbent) vs Shannon Teresi (R)

Susana Mendoza is seeking her second full term as Illinois State Comptroller while being challenged by GOP nominee Shannon Teresi. Mendoza holds a sizable funding advantage over Teresi, having $2.5 million behind her campaign compared to Teresi’s $130,000.

“Susana Mendoza has put forth in her ads a record that may send a message to the state there’s really no reason to fire her right now,” Lisnek said. “We’re not getting a lot of vision of Shannon Terresi so that people can compare.”

According to the poll, Mendoza holds the largest lead of any Democrat over their Republican opponent with a 12.7-point lead over Teresi.

Midterm elections take place next week on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

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