Husband serving in Iraq surprises wife hours before birth of first child


CHICAGO — It’s been a busy few months for Harold and Cara Rahming, who welcomed a baby boy just nine days ago.  

“I was mentally preparing for, ‘you’re going to have to push through this alone,’” the new mother told WGN News.  

Harold and Cara Rahming. (Photo/WGN)

Seventeen-year Army veteran Harold was deployed to Iraq as Cara began her third trimester. As a result, there was growing uncertainty about when the military service member would meet his son, Harold Leroy Rahming II. 

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“That was a lot of emotion when he was actually deployed. A lot of tears, but then at that point, you have to think about being in the correct emotional space to protect the unborn child,” Cara Rahming said.  

About two weeks ago, Cara learned doctors would induce due to little Harold’s heart rate dropping. She didn’t know that her husband was already back on US soil, trying to get home to his wife and unborn child.  

 “My wife had no idea I was coming in within the next two days,” Harold Rahming said. “She thought I was at least, at minimum, one month away from coming home.” 

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But with his son ready to make an entrance before his due date, the race was on. Thankfully, Texas military personnel sped up the demobilization process.  

“The team was able to expedite me, given the situation, and I was able to get that process done in two days,” he said.  

The soon-to-be father landed in Chicago just in time. 

Harold Leroy Rahming II. (Photo/WGN)

“I had stepped away to use the restroom,” Cara Rahming said. “When I came out, there’s all these people with cameras and I’m like, ‘why are you recording me?’”  

The new mother said she was stunned to learn that her husband was not only in the country but inside the hospital to welcome their new bundle of joy.  

“Just grateful I wouldn’t have to do this alone,” she said.

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Added Harold: “No words can explain the feeling when you see your wife and your child for the first time.”

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