Huge temp drop follows Tuesday’s mild, windy weather




Tuesday’s gusty winds

With a wind Advisory in effect for a portion of the Chicago area, blustery southerly winds gusted over 40 mph at several local airport locations,

Huge temperature plunge

If the forecast high temp of 28-degree Wednesday afternoon verifies there will be a 30-degrees drop from Chicago’s official Tuesday afternoon high of 58-degrees. The maximum drop would be 31-degrees at Palwaukee/Wheeling, Lansing, Midway and Gary airports where Tuesday’s high was 59-degrees

A temp change of 40 degrees at 2,000 ft. above ground over Chicago from 6 p.m. Tuesday to 6 a.m. Wednesday

With a roaring 140 mph jet stream aloft and a tight pressure gradient at the surface, westerly winds will gust 30-40 mph Wednesday.  The leading edge of arctic high pressure will be settling into our area with daytime temps most likely failing to warm out of the 20s.  The combination of strong winds and cold temps should keep wind chills in the teens into the overnight hours.

A much colder pattern locking in