How to Download Battleground Mobile India and Transfer Saved Game Data from Pubg


Pubg ban! The biggest nightmare of gammers India happened 9 months ago, the game was gone and players no longer could play PubG in India. Now, after 9 months the wait is over Krafton is back with BattleGround Mobile India. The old fun pubg mobile in a new avatar.

Though the game is still in beta, you can full fill your cravings of gaming using the testing feature of BattleGround Mobile India. Also, we can restore our saved data from Pubg. And continue to play with all skins, coins, etc from PubG to your battleground mobile India.

Steps To Download BattleGround Mobile India on your Android Smartphone

Here, are some steps to follow to download and install BattleGround Mobile on android devices :

  1. Join the testing program from BattleGround Mobile India using the link.
  2. Register yourself as a tester and then install the app on your smartphone using Google play.
  3. From Google Play your game will be downloaded and then you can enjoy playingBattleGround Mobile India.

Now, you have the app installed in your smartphone and you can play BattleGround Mobile India but one more thing that you might want to see, is how to restore your old data from Pubg mobile to BattleGround Mobile India. For, that too, Krafton has provided an option to for its users to restore the app data from facebook and twitter logins only. Here, is a walk through to do that.

How to Transfer PubG Game data to battleground Mobile India

Once you have entered the beta testing and downloaded the BattleGround Mobile India App on your smartphone, the next wish is to have back all those skins, game coins, and other things on the new game. This is also possible thanks to krafton, it is allowing users to restore Pubg data to BattleGround Mobile India till 31st December this year. And with this feature, you will be able to enjoy all your PubG collectibles in BattleGround Mobile India.

For, this you must have been logged in to Pubg using facebook or twitter but not from Google. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Open BattleGround Mobile India on your smartphone. Once you accept the game’s privacy policy, you will be directed to the log-in screen.
  2. From here, you can log in to your account, choose from Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Accept the Terms of service.
  4. Click yes on the Account Date Transfer prompt. Then click Yes, please continue on the transfer data to ‘new app‘.
  5. Login to your account and transfer data to your BattleGround Mobile India account.
  6. This will transfer all data from Pubg mobile to BattleGround Mobile India.

This is all about using the new BattleGround Mobile India battle-royal game from downloading to using old data from PubG. I hope you will find this useful and use the new game before launch. If you find this article helpful, share it your friend and enjoy this epic game. Also, share other walkthroughs you want to see related to BattleGround Mobile India.

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