How To Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership in India



You can cancel your Amazon Prime membership anytime you want easily using your amazon app. Amazon Prime membership is a premium plan for amazon users to get privileged services from amazon and subscriptions to other applications from amazon like Amazon Prime Videos, Amazon music, etc. This membership provides users the privilege to get some exclusive deals and free delivery on all orders alongside these apps. If you are someone who shops a lot online from amazon, then this prime subscription can be great for you.

How To Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership in India
How To Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership in India

The membership comes in two plans, quarterly and annually for its users to choose a plan according to their budget and requirement. The plans are:
₹ 329 for 3 months of prime membership
₹ 999 for yearly prime membership

Some Benefits of Prime membership

  • Free Standard Delivery for all orders irrespective of the order value.
  • Free same-day delivery for members at eligible addresses and free one-day or two-day deliveries.
  • Early access to sale events and lightning deals.
  • Access to other amazon services like Amazon Prime Videos, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Reading.

How To Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership in India

Amazon Prime membership in India is at much more affordable prices than in other countries. But you eventually want to cancel the membership and no longer want to use the services. You can do it easily from the amazon application and amazon websites too.

The cancelation can be done anytime but the refund of the amount paid for the membership is possible only when the cancelation is done within 3 days of the activation of the membership. For the rest time, the cancelation will take place after the period of membership. This means if you cancel a three months membership, it will cancel after the end of 3 months period.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime membership on your smartphone

Here, is a walk through to cancel your Amazon Prime membership using the Amazon app on your smartphone

  1. Open your Amazon App.
  2. Tap on the Hamburger icon at the top-left
  3. Tap on Prime.
  4. Select the Manage My Membership option at the top.
  5. Tap on the Manage Membership drop-down.
  6. Select the Manage Membership option.
  7. Hit the End Membership option.
  8. You will see the screen showing the amount saved from deliveries and offers by using the amazon prime Membership. scroll down and Tap on Continue to Cancel.
  9. A button showing End on [end date of membership] will appear, tap on it.

This will cancel your Amazon Prime membership after the time period of activation of your membership. Though if you have not used any credit card with auto payment. You need not to can the membership after 3 days. It will automatically be canceled as no payment will be done. At the end of your Prime Membership, you will not receive exclusive deals and extra video and music services from Amazon.

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