How much snow will we get on Tuesday?”


CHICAGO – Chicago is under a Winter Weather Advisory as the first snowstorm of the season moves in on Tuesday. 

It’s about right on time– Chicago usually gets the first measurable snow of the season in mid-November.

So how much are we going to get?

Well, it depends on where you live.

Tom Skilling and the WGN weather team, when it’s all done on Wednesday, say we may see one to four inches of snow.

They predict up to four inches of snow will fall in the Northwest suburbs, two to three inches will accumulate in the southwest suburbs, and Chicago will see about an inch.

The snow is expected to start moving in between 5a to 7a Tuesday morning– but it could take a few hours for it to start sticking because the ground is still pretty warm. 

Northwest Indiana could see even more accumulation due to lake effect snow Tuesday night into Wednesday.

The Winter Weather Advisory for Chicagoland is set to expire at 6a on Wednesday.

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