How Mikael Daez Earned More Than P1M Doing Side Hustles


Side hustles are a great way to supplement your income without having to give up your main job. Not only are they an ideal way to make extra money, but they can also give you the opportunity to gain new skills and experiences and explore new interests.

Even celebrities like Mikael Daez know the importance of having a side hustle; he even has a target amount of extra income each month. On his Youtube channel with his wife Megan Young, “Megan & Mikael Podcast,” the couple talked about money and side hustles.

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While keeping his full-time job as a host on GMA, Mikael estimates he’s earned more than P1.2 million in a span of 10 years by doing various side hustles. Mikael stated that, upon calculation, he made around P10,000 per month throughout the past decade. He explained that it may not be as impressive as others, but diversifying his sources of income has benefited him greatly.

He explained that he tries to match his earnings from side hustles with the minimum wage. “So I have my main job, which is acting and hosting in GMA, but my philosophy when it comes to side hustles is that I want something that will make me at least close to the minimum wage, which was around P12,000 when I started, and now in Metro Manila, it’s a bit higher, around P15,000,” he explained.

Even better, Mikael added that he barely spends capital on any of his side hustles. That is because he doesn’t want to invest in something that he can’t fully focus on because he still has acting as his main job. “Ang puhunan ko lang, more often than not, for 90 percent of my side hustles is only effort and time. I also did not believe in having to shell out capital for my side hustles kasi nakakatakot, kasi ‘di ko naman siya matutukan,” he said.

[Most of the time, the capital I use for my side hustles is my time and effort. I also don’t believe in spending money on side hustles because I know I won’t devote my full attention to them.]

If you’re wondering what Mikael’s side hustles are, they mostly revolve around his skills and talents. For one, he writes SEO articles, where he earns $2.50 per 400-word article. He also asks for payments for repairing broken gadgets and other stuff.

Opening an online shop and learning the best products to sell as side hustles can be a good start. You can also think big and learn tips on how to turn your side hustle into a successful growing business. With the right side hustle, you can earn extra and improve yourself for the better!

You can watch their video via Megan & Mikael Podcast’s Youtube channel:

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