How Jollibee Group Empowers Farmers To Become Good Entrepreneurs


Jollibee is giving us more reasons to love them as they reach out to the community, empower farmers with skills and technologies, and shift their mindsets to thrive as entrepreneurs.

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The Jollibee Group Foundation (JGF) is one of the large corporations investing in and assisting the country’s agricultural sector to thrive. The company has crafted different programs and initiatives to help local farmers become good entrepreneurs, create sustainable livelihoods, and contribute to the country’s food security.

Farmers-Entrepreneurship Program (FEP)

JGF recently launched the Farmers-Entrepreneurship Program (FEP) to help smallholder farmers become more profitable by leading them toward entrepreneurship. The program provides training and support in business planning, financial management, product development, and more. It also offers access to financing and markets, so farmers can scale up their operations.

Jollibee collaborated with local farmers to produce vegetables as part of their food supply. Since the start of the program, the company’s 18 accredited farmer groups have supplied 9 million kilos of vegetables to the massive fast-food chain, generating more than P360 million for these farmers. And with Jollibee’s nationwide network of stores and suppliers, we can surely expect that the potential and opportunities will continue to grow for our farmers.

Food Security Program

Aside from FEP, its Food Security Program has also provided training in modern farming techniques and access to quality seeds and fertilizers. It also introduced innovations and technologies that can help farmers increase yields and incomes.

With programs like these, the Jollibee Group is helping to level up smallholder farmers so they can thrive as entrepreneurs. JGF Executive Director Gisela Tiongson stated, “JGF and our partners assist farmers in becoming farmer-entrepreneurs, allowing them to participate more actively in agriculture value chains, provide food for their own families, and contribute to the country’s food security.”

Agro-Enterprise Clustering Approach

Aside from providing them with the skills and opportunities, JGF is also moving towards building an entrepreneurial mindset in our farmers. They do this by partnering with community leaders and encouraging farmers to work in clusters in creating a business plan focused on “collective farming enterprise”. It encourages farmers to cooperate and help create practices that shift from working as individual producers to agri-entrepreneurs working as a community. The program also wants to increase the value and pride of farmers in their work.

According to Tiongson, all these initiatives were made to help farmers expand their operations, and lead them to opportunities where they will thrive as suppliers and businessmen.

“These interventions are made possible with the help of our local and international partners in the agriculture ecosystem. We are extremely grateful for the assistance they provide that adds value to the farmers for the long term,” Tiongson said.

Jollibee has come a long way from the rags-to-riches story of its founder, Tony Tan Caktiong. Many aspiring entrepreneurs can truly learn from the life lessons that Caktiong shared.

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