How A Siomai Java Rice Cart In Valenzuela Has Lasted For 25 Years In Business


In Brgy. Gen. De Leon, Valenzuela City, there’s a small siomai stall where people would always flock. But this is no ordinary siomai stall, as this one serves a full meal with delicious java rice!

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The man behind the popular siomai java rice stand is Rosauro “Bogart” Santos, and he has been serving this meal for over 25 years! In an episode of GMA’s Good News, Mang Bogart shared his secret recipe for making his java rice and more tips to make your business last longer.

As a former office cook, this is where he learned his special Java rice recipe. He uses margarine, chorizo, atsuete, and even cheese before adding the rice. The result is his delicious, signature Java rice. Pair it with siomai, and you now have a full meal that’s easy on the budget.

Mang Bogart admitted that he is now just buying his siomai from a supplier. Before, he used to make his own siomai, but after his wife died of cancer, he could no longer manage and prepare everything. But despite it, he’s truly grateful that his business is still doing well and his loyal customers continue to patronize him.

Screenshot via GMA Youtube channel

“Malaking blessing sa akin yan. Kumbaga, yan ang naga-abot sa aking ng pera araw-araw. Talagang swerte kami sa cart na ito. Talagang hindi niya ako nawalang ng kita,” Mang Bogart said. [This has been such a blessing for me. It’s the one that gives us our daily income. This cart is really lucky for me, it has never failed to give me income.]

Because of Mang Bogart’s business, his neighboring businesses have also gained extra customers. The nearby sari-sari store owner admitted that her sales of soft drinks and water have been steadily up since Mang Bogart’s siomai became popular. To thank him, the owner set up tables and chairs for their customers. Aling Martha, a former junk collector, also found a job as Mang Bogart’s helper, cleaning and clearing tables. Good karma indeed came to Mang Bogart, for he has helped many!

Many have found luck in siomai business, like the small siomai cart in Muñoz that sells over 100 kilos of siomai daily.

You can watch the video from GMA’s Youtube channel:

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