How A New Buko Pie Shop In Tagaytay Set Itself Apart From Competitors & Sold 50k Boxes In 7 Months


When we think of Tagaytay, one of the top go-to pasalubongs is a delicious buko pie. The place has tons of great buko pie shops for your liking. So, if you’re a business owner, would you still open a buko pie shop in a highly saturated market? Luisito and his sister, Liliane Barcelon, were up for some challenge!

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In 2020, the siblings launched Platefuly Premium Buko Pie and Pasalubong Shop. Using their mother’s secret recipe, which she developed for 14 years, the family perfected their signature pie crust. According to the siblings, they started by selling their savory meat pies and only ventured into buko pie when they were encouraged by the feedback they got from friends and relatives.

“We really focused on our savory hand pies, but as more and more customers were discovering our signature pie crust, we were getting requests for a bigger version of our hand pies and also to create our own version of buko pie,” Luisito shared in a report by Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.

When they started selling buko pie, it was when they started noticing a significant growth in their business. People really enjoyed their premium buko pies that they were able to sell over 50,000 boxes in their first seven months of business.

Luisito shared in a separate interview with, “At the beginning [September 2020] we would keep track of the pies that we have sold per week. But by March 2021, we have already produced more than 50,000 pies. Since then, we have been very busy as we continue to increase our production every month and release new products to our customers.”

So, how do you differentiate your business from others in a highly competitive market? You innovate and offer the best quality. Instead of just offering the usual buko pies, they created 2 more versions: ube and buko pandan.

Image by Platefuly via Facebook

They also sourced their ingredients from local suppliers to choose fresh and tender young coconuts for their bestselling pies. They also collaborate with other local brands and made sure their products don’t contain extenders, lard, and other preservatives. The owners want to make sure they offer fresh buko pies made using the best ingredients.

“We value our customers and we always make sure that what they eat is something that the whole family will enjoy,” Luisito added.

While profit is important in every business, customer satisfaction should still be the end goal if you want long-term success. Building your brand, providing quality products, and having good customers are just a few things you can do to make your business stand out from competitors.

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