Highland Park family recalls 4th of July shooting


HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. — One week after the Highland Park 4th of July parade shooting, the Emalfarb family are still coming to grips with the aftermath of the tragic day.

The Emalfarbs were one of many families camped out on Central Avenue and were quickly caught up in the chaos when the shooting started.

“The term running for your life got as real as it got,” said Scott Emalfarb, who picked up his 3-year-old daughter Estelle and started to run.

Luckily enough, Scott was able to reunite Estelle with his wife, Lindsay, and two other children—5-year-old Levi and 8-year-old Lexi—shortly thereafter.

“No one should be involved in a shooting, whether it be in highland Park, Chicago or anywhere else in this world,” Scott Emalfarb said. “We’re tired of it.”

Moving forward, The Emalfarbs said they want to see meaningful gun control legislation passed, and will support acts like House Bill 5522.

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