Highland Park couple’s petition to ban assault weapons passes 45,000 signatures


CHICAGO — A Highland Park couple who attended last Monday’s 4th of July parade with their two children are trying to bring about change for their fellow Illinoisans.

Hillary and Scott, who asked to not be identified by their last names, created the petition earlier this week and have already received over 45,000 signatures in support.

The petition calls for Illinois legislators to pass House Bill 5522 — legislation intended to ban the possession and sale of assault weapons and large capacity magazines — so that Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker can sign it into Illinois state law.

While the bill would make it illegal for assault weapons and large capacity magazines to be sold, delivered or owned in the state of Illinois, the legislation would not go into effect until 300 days after the amendment to the Criminal Code of 2012 and would offer a grandfather clause for those who already own the firearms.

The bill, originally sponsored by Illinois State Representative Maura Hirschauer, stalled back in February. Since the Highland Park 4th of July shooting, support for the bill has gained steam as 39 other state representatives have co-sponsored it alongside Hirschauer.

To learn how to contact your local state representatives, reach out to Liz Minnella on Instagram.

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