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I’m currently seeking assistance with two projects. If you think you could help with either of the following, please get in touch. (And please let me know how you would like to be compensated for such work — hourly rate, etc.)

First, I could use the assistance of an attorney with expertise in probate and related topics, who could serve as technical editor for a book I’m writing. The book is about the next financial steps to take after the death of your spouse and will include a brief section on acting as executor/administrator of the estate.

Second, I could use the assistance of a software developer who can help with speeding up the calculation time for the Open Social Security calculator. The upgrade to Angular 13 dramatically increased the time it takes to run the calculation. (I haven’t deployed the update in question yet, for that reason. The latest version on GitHub does reflect the upgrade to Angular 13 though.) I have to imagine that there’s an array of opportunities for improvement, given that I’m not really a software developer but rather somebody who just took an “I’ll figure it out as I go” approach to building the whole thing.

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