Heavy rain will turn to snow showers on Thursday



–A 6th day without sun—and wind and rain to boot in what is the area’s heaviest rain system in 3 months (since Sept.)

–Additional heavy rain is expected tonight. Colder air circulating into the area past midnight is to take the rain over to snow west suburbs first—with mixed flurries possible in the city before a pause in the precip takes hold toward daybreak—but that pause is temporary.

–A blustery, colder day marks the arrival of the current storm’s windy backwash circulation. 

–Snow showers will be sweeping the area mid and late Thursday morning potentially building to a period of steadier snow for the evening rush hour amid strong winds gusting to 35 mph expected to produce mid 20-deg wind chills Thursday. Thermometer readings are to hold in the 30s much of the day.

–Clouds, wind and cold air accompany sporadic snow showers Thursday night and Friday beneath the backside circulation of the power winter storm behind Wednesday’s rain. The storm is to get caught up in a blocking pattern which will slow its movement—keeping it a player in Chicago’s weather picture through Saturday.  

–Cold weather next week is reinforced by the season’s first arctic blast the back half of the week. The weather wildcard will be an area of snow which could sweep into Chicago ahead of the arctic blast later Wed and Thursday. Not clear at this point is the intensity of that snow—but it’s worth watching. 

–Next week’s temps are likely to average a jarring 15 to 20-deg colder than this week. 

–What’s certain is the fact truly frigid air—the coldest of the season to date—takes control Friday next week through the Christmas weekend which follows. That suggests Christmas weekend highs in the teens and low in single digits.


TONIGHT: Rain heavy at times, windy, chilly and raw. Rain changes to snow for a time in the western suburbs late—and may change to flurries in Chicago before winding down toward morning. Low 32.

THURSDAY: Blustery and cold with snow showers developing during the morning—continuing the remainder of the day. Wind gusts to 35 mph and mid-20-deg wind chills will occur. Snow could dust the area threatening slippery spots on area roads. Temps hold steady in the low to mid 30s.

THURSDAY NIGHT:  Snowy spells, windy and colder. A covering of snow to as much as 1″ possible. Low 26.

FRIDAY: Cloudy, windy and cold with snow showers and flurries. Winds continue gusting to 30 mph. High 31.

SATURDAY: A good deal of cloudiness, blustery and chilly. Passing flurries possible. High 27.

SUNDAY: Partly cloudy and cold. High 25.

MONDAY: Partly cloudy—even cloudy at times. Cold. Chance of flurries. High 25.

TUESDAY: Mixed sun—but more clouds as the day proceeds. Cold. High 20.

WEDNESDAY: Clouds lower and thicken with snow possible later in the day and likely at night. High 26.

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