Heather Mack, on trial for killing mother, gives up custody of child


CHICAGO — Heather Mack, a woman facing trial for conspiring to murder her mother in Indonesia, has lost custody over her child.

Mack served prison time in Indonesia for helping her boyfriend kill Sheila von-Weise-Mack, of Oak Park, and hiding her body into a suitcase. Mack is now in custody in the U.S.

Mack had asked that her child be with the child’s grandmother, the Sun Time reports. But Thursday a Cook County judge ordered that the child be placed with a maternal cousin in Colorado.

The girl had been in the custody of a woman who had been her caretaker in Indonesia. That woman had to leave the U.S. by Friday, according to the Sun Times.

Mack faces another conspiracy trial in the U.S. in July 2023.

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